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You have listened to her charming voices on the hit songs such as Nyaku, Ma Dri Sopa, Together as one among others that you can download on our site at https://www.dailywestnile.info/audios. She is known by the stage name Martha Lovey. As a star, today we are sharing more about her life, music career and all that entails her as a star.

Martha Lovey's 

Known to many as Martha Lovey a. k. a Ladu Martha - A mixed blood of Acholi and Lugbara. This diverse cultural heritage makes Martha to have a wider belonging scope in both the Lugbara and the Acholi. Based on the inter marriage between two tribes (Acholi and Lugbara), Martha Lovey becomes a Lugbara by her mothers descends whereas her dad is an Acholi and Mother a lugbara, hence an Acholi in tribe but basing in Arua. 

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Martha Lovey started school at St. Stephen primary school in Kyebando - KAMPALA, She then moved to Cleveland Hill Primary school, and that's where she completed her primary Level from. She later on joined Our Lady Of Good Counsel - Gayaza for 'O' Level. She started her 'A' Level at Hilton High School and finalized it at Our Lady Of Africa - MUKONO respectively. Her Music carrier started in the year 2020, Signed under BANKS MUSIC LABEL. Under this label, Martha has so far produced six songs in total and looking forward to releasing another tune dubbed Inne which is dropping soon.

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Based on Martha's musical Career, the year 2020 has been one of her greatest years in terms of hit releases as 2020 became one of the years in which she released four of her songs with Nyaku been a hit that brought her to limelight.

Why Martha Lovey & Why She Took The Musical Career

When asked on the above subject matter, Martha replied as follows, 

I joined music because it has been my dream since when I was young my mum told me I started singing songs wen I was only 1 year old And I had wanted to teach people through music And music has been in my blood since

Based on the above quote Martha is a passionate singer who is destined for greatness. Her sharp shooting voice code is what makes one fall in love with her type of music. she therefore looks forward to giving more time for her musical career. 

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