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Fally Ipupa's Epic Comeback: A Night to Remember in Arua

In a dazzling turn of events, Congolese music sensation Fally Ipupa triumphantly Came to Uganda to enthral his fans in Arua and Kampala. Malembe Lifestyle, with the steadfast support of I&M Bank, played a pivotal role in ensuring that this much-anticipated musical extravaganza finally came to fruition. It was a momentous occasion that marked the artist's triumphant return to Uganda, following a previous misunderstanding with a promoter in 2019. Let's delve into the thrilling details of Fally Ipupa's unforgettable performances that etched their way into the annals of history.

In 2019, Fally Ipupa was scheduled to perform in Arua and Kampala, but those plans were shattered due to a dispute with his former promoter, Yannick Nseka Mbala, and Jonathan Tabani Buta. The promoter's lawyers, Bukenya Advocates, had even taken the audacious step of writing a letter to the Commandant of Kampala Metropolitan, demanding Fally's arrest if he set foot in Uganda. The reason? Alleged failure to perform after being paid a hefty sum of 65,000 Euros. This legal threat cast a shadow over Fally's return to Uganda, but he was determined to set the record straight.


On September 28, 2023, Fally Ipupa arrived in Uganda, landing at Entebbe International Airport. He wasted no time in addressing the media and Fans at the International University of East Africa in Kansanga. With unwavering confidence, he headed to the prestigious Le Confidential Hotel in Arua, ready to put on a show that would be remembered for years to come.

Fally Being Recived at Entebbe International Airport by Rati solo 

Beyond the mesmerizing music, the surroundings outside the venues were a bustling carnival of culture. Traders lined the streets, offering a diverse range of items, from vibrant T-shirts celebrating Fally Ipupa to tantalizing food items that tempted the taste buds of attendees. It was an atmosphere where music, fashion, and cuisine converged in celebration of Congolese and Ugandan culture.

As is customary in such events, local artists from West Nile had the honor of warming up the crowd. The stage came alive with performances by talented artists and MCs such as Endy Joe, Dwanye Gabana, Monopoly, Lucky Dee, and JM Kennedy and MCs like Simon Living, Daniko, Man Pato and Ziggy Zaga, Rappi, Outel Veggas , Kim Nazz and Melani the only female Mc of the night . not only entertained the audience but also set the perfect tone for the main act.

photo by Massive Shots Arua 

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. Fally Ipupa graced the stage, backed by his talented singers and dancers. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as he kicked off his electrifying performance.What truly amazed everyone was the timing of the show. In contrast to the long hours typically associated with such performances, Fally Ipupa concluded his set by midnight. The audience was left in awe, having witnessed one of the best shows West Nile had ever seen.

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