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With over 40 songs to his name, Homeboy Juston has only managed to shoot 5 videos for the songs. 

The talented and hard-working Gospel artist (based in West Nile's boarder town of Koboko) opened chapatti baking points in the town to raise money which he uses to produce the audios, but this could not help him pay companies that can make videos for the songs. 

Out of his 45 songs already released, only 5 of them have videos. Juston attributes this to challenge in funding the projects.

"I decided to come out publicly to lobby for little support to shoot video of my many audio songs..." he reveals to Daily West Nile. 

Juston spends 100,000/= for the production of one song (audio), but he is required to pay upto 500,000/= for a video with good quality, and this is the reason he openly comes out to solicit for fund from fans and supporter. 

"I realized that from my chapati business, I can be able to finance an audio production at 100k but my business can't finance a video of 500k" he told Daily West Nile.

As a Gospel Artist, Juston has also communicated through songs on different issues happening in the communities, including good relationship and domestic violence.

On the poster released by One Big One (his new music label), Juston's contact are shared to connect with him.

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