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dailwestnile.info a platform under Host Media - an enterprise of Host Hub Uganda introduces the Artist of the Week series. This entertainment podcast series looks forward to tapping and branding more of the artist who dominate the air wave and shall be run on weekly basis on all our media platforms under Host Media (Host TV, dailywestnile.info & Daily West Nile Social Media pages)  

According to Mr. Aldo Adomati the content developer at Host Media, this is podcast series comes timely based on our aims and objectives as Host Media under Host Hub to tell stories about our histories under the entertainment sector. He further stressed that the dailywestnile.info website has gone a lot of changes ever since it started operating in 2019 and finally asked the stake holders to play their role as the whole Host Media project aims at intergrading a positive media environment for local content.

Mr. Aldo Adomati In Picture

According to Abas Hamza - the lead producer for the show, he stressed for the need for artist to own and impress this show as he is quoted, "The Weekly Artist of the wand overseen by the artist for them selves and fans." Through this series, we aim to brand and offer platforms were their music brand can be accessed via our websites. We will work with artist who have official and well managed social media handle as well as incorporating those that have not yet impressed the current trend of digital content delivery.

Abas Hamza Speaking

Mr. Abas Hamza - Speaking

However, Mahjub Shaban narrates on how he has planned to execute the show looking at diversity of the current trend of the music and entertainment industry. In his statement he laments saying; We are even looking at realities of a digital TV programing but shall start slow for now. 

Mahjub Shaban - Mackfour RDC

Mahjub Shaban - Marckfour RDC 

As team dailywestnile.info under Host media we therefore ask the various stakeholders such as artist, producers, content developers and promoters to reach us on our official communication channels on email, WhatsApp, Telephone etc

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