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07 Jan

The White Rhinos have made the walk of champions easy they put an impressive 2:0 win over the Lango Region Drum team in the first leg of the third edition of the FUFA Drum finals played in Arua at Ababet Greenlight Stadium.

The White Rhinos took lead at the 35th minutes of the first half as Toha Rashid converts a supper free kick into the back of the net. Later Amaku Fred's second half goal at the 68th minute off a long range strike would put the West Nile Team at a comfortable 2:0 win against the Lango Visitors. 

Langos thirst for goal was denied by Omedwa who had come in as a perfect replacement to Alonzo Nafian who is on national duty representing Uganda at the on going CHAN tournament in Algeria.

The 2:0 first leg win now puts West Nile at a better side of bringing home the prestigious FUFA Drum Cup as they come to be at the finals for the second time. The win therefore puts the White Rhinos closer to dinning withbl former drum winners such as Buganda and Acholi who won the first and second edition respectively.

West Nile shall now await to travel to the Akibua Memorial stadium for the second leg playoffs of the Drum Final to be played in a date awaiting confirmation from FUFA.

BY: ALDO - Dailywestnile.info 
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