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05 Aug

Several football lovers in Westnile region have gathered massive support towards supporting the Westnile province team ahead the the kick-off on Friday the 5th of August 2022 at the Ababet greenlight stadium Onduparaka.

According to a detailed information confirmed by the Westnile province Media officer Toko Bandru TOK several members have extended their support towards supporting the Drum team 2022. These were individuals, businesses and companies

The Westnile province patron Hajjat Medina Naham ojale who doubles as Director Finance NRM party and a very big supporter of West Nile sports has extended support towards the white Rhinos(West Nile province) battle against the Leopards ( Karamoja province match), tomorrow Friday 5th-August-2022 at 4pm at the Ababet Greenlight stadium-Arua hence I there fore on behalf of the excom team acknowledge reception of one million shillings (1,000,000) to facilitate the boys .

He joins the business coordinator CEO Queen logistics, Business Guru and Director Total petrol station koboko Mr David Majok Karabino who gave out (4,650,000= Ugandan shillings worth 31 pairs of playing boots).

Honourable Atima Lee Buti Jackson MP Arua central division , west Nile Government chief whip , chairman chamber of commerce and Coordinator General West Nile province who gave out (1,000,000=) to support the Westnile province team.

Meanwhile in other supports offered to Westnile province team, Jibu water offered 40 litres water to support the player's during training and in the process of playing at the Ababet greenlight stadium Onduparaka

Where else Nile star Trade Link limited for accepted to transport the players to the match and equally Arua city parlour saloon offered Hair cut for all the players and staff 35 and finally Electra Lounge Arua city offered (100,000=) to support the Drum team.

**Source West Nile province Media Toko Bandru TOK**

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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