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27 Jun


The Arua District 4th division league champions Leo football club defeated Nile Hippos 3-1 recently in the on going Nyagak zone Mini zonal league playoffs on Sunday, but that result has been reversed after an administrative error was discovered Leo football club have been hit with a 6-point penalty all together for fielding an ineligible player in their Squad On Sunday's 3-1 win against Nile Hippos. 

Leo named Mungufeni Yofash on their starting team, the Starlet did take part in the match, Arua District 4th division champions still doled out the penalty as he was not registered by the club.

Nile Hippos came with 200,000 petition  fees the recite is below "what affected Leo FC 

The 3 points were awarded to Pajobi after  petitioning leo football club for fielding in an ineligible player, with Leo football club saying they will appeal the decision as Nile Hoppos also fielded in an ineligible player against them. 

And Nile Hippos also came with the same view that the Same player was played  against them, 3pts were again doped  3pts and the points were not awarded to any team, meaning Leo football club was left with only three points and finished 3rd in Group D with only three points. 

The club, coached by Legendary Samson Ceasor Okuthi, were in first place on top of Group D with 9 points in 3 matches played before the 6-points penalty, dropped them down to third place, 1 point behind second runner ups Nile Hippos.

Table standings before Nile Hoppos Game 

Table standings after Nile Hoppos game 

In other petition 

Player still in Arua city football club System 

Muni soccer club petitioned Paidah United after fielding in an ineligible player Alioni Ivan against Muni Soccer club while the player is still in the System of Arua city Football club and the ruling was done in favour of Paidah United.

 NB- Here comes the Question was the Ruling Fair 

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By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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