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18 Jun

Westnile select has this evening humbled Acholi select in a friendly match between the two provinces held at Ababet Greenlight Stadium Onduparaka in Arua city,West Nile select came from a goalless half time Draw to secure a 2-0 win over Acholi select.

Green Light Stadium was filled with celebrations after westnile select beat a sloppy Acohli select in a friendly encounter on Saturday afternoon in Arua city.

The home side showed immediate second half moments in sport as Acholi select were beaten down to secure the vital win.

Arua Hill's master of midfield passes Andama Junior , and another from Keytume's free Agent Bida Ezra helped Westnile select's team to stun their opponents Acholi select.

25th June 2022 will be the date for the reverse fixture  as Acholi Select shall host WestNile Select at Peche War Memorial Stadium in Gulu

How  both teams Lined up 

Westnile select: Nafian Alionzi, Geriga Atendele,Rashid Okocha,Bright Vuni, Mandela Nelson, William Gama,Adinho Gibson, Bida Ezra,Andama Junior, Fahad Bayo, Shaban.

SUBS: Angufindru Norman, Yakin Rashid, Mustafa Kizza,Boyi Fazil ,Amaku Fred, Atibuni Kennedy and Siraj Ismail.

Acholi select: Wokorach Jeans, Atube Rogers, Ojara Denis, Owiny Ronald, Okot Denis, Ouma Peter, Odong Brian, Kisa John Baptist, Tito Okello, Kindega Andrew, Onekalit Alfred.

SUBS: James, Francis, Asaba,Akena and Kaunda. 

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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