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12 Sep

Its business in action as the West Nile Drum team sermons a team comprising of 32 players to feature the Saturday 18th August Fufa Drum Quarter Final encounter against The Kampala Region Drum team at Ababet Green light Stadium - Arua City. The team that mainly comprises of the cream de la cream stars of the region included among others;

The List Of 32 Players Sermoned

With the above squad the team aims to put up a perfect play to suppress the slippery Kampala Team at Onduparaka. Currently the team has entered intensive phase of residential training camp at Arua Core PTC Mvaradri Play ground. The much anticipated game shall be played at Ababet Greenlight Stadium on Sunday 18th August 2022, starting at 4:00Pm. Gate fee is at 5000 ordinary and 10000 VIP. While speaking to Host media, The PRO of the West Nile Drum team calls upon the public to turn up in large numbers

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