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29 Aug

As the tempo for the Quarter Finals of  the FUFA Drum 2022 Tournament goes high, West Nile's Tactician Coach Dudu Bosco has come up to reveal his speculative squad to face Kampala Drum team as of 9th September 2022 - to be played in Arua City at Ababet Greenlight Stadium. While speaking to dailywestnile.info, Coach Dudu Bosco said in a press statement; 

We are aware of the nature of the Kampala Team and so we shall make use of all our best players in the region since Kampala is a tricky team to play up against at such stage of the tournament.

Coach Dudu Bosco

Coach Bosco also in the press statement gave out his speculative squad siting need to include players such as; Shaban Mohamad, Abam Rwothomio Cromwell, Failzul Anini, Jurua Hassan, Obanchan Philbat among others to boast the team. However, he also sited absence of young talented players such as Mawa Oscar (Senke) and Iddi Abdulwahid who at the moment are in Italy for trials. 

As a key to the success of this game, Coach asked for the support of all the stake holders concerned and the usual support from the fans as he aims to encounter Kampala from home.

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