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28 Jul

The political season in Gulu University is still on a rise as it started with election of Guild president and now elections for the chairperson Games Union is underway.

This is an independent arm of guild government that collects its charges from every student student enrolling for leadership to pay a fee of 270,000/=.

 The selection of voters is controversial and always attracts criticism from all students, who pay sports fee but never vote for the leaders of Games Union.

 According to the University rules voters must have participated in any recognized university sport to vote for their chairperson Games Union and many are subjected to scrutiny while others are always asked to present their certificates of participation in any sports, before being included on voting register.

The election for Chairperson Games Union is highly contested between three influential candidates - 

The three Nominees are:

Mr. Okumu Godfred Gaucho

Mr.Tek-kwo Ronald

Mr.Wanyama Peter

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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