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03 Aug


Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press and everybody (following the conversation nonline), a very warm welcome to our 2019 State of the Club address.

It's on days like today that we are all reminded and heartened by the loyalty and passion of the Onduparaka FC family. 

On behalf of the Board, Players, Coaches and Staff, thank you to everyone for your continued support of our club. It really does mean alot. 

There is no doubt in 2018/19 season, we all had to endure the touchest period in our three years journey in the Uganda Premier League. We overcame and continue to face our challenges headon and remain confident in the position of our players and will continue to support them unconditionally throughout this new season that is upon us. 

As Chairman, I often get asked how our club has not fractured, how have we not imploded under the pressure of this drawn out process?.

The answer is simple: at Onduparaka FC, 'our fabric' is exceptionally strong. 

Together we make it strong. Together we ensure that it will always stand the test of time. And together, we will build a stronger and more successful Onduparaka Football Club for the future. 

Our 2019/20 theme is formally launched (on Thursday), "Embracing Our Heritage" and our new hashtag #GodsTeam which both celebrates the strength of the facric that bonds our club and it's history and success. 

Everyone (press) and online is part of this bond, this fabric. Each and every player, staff member and fan has contributed to the fabric of our wounderful club.

I would like to take this oppprtopportun officially welcome Coach Livingston Mbabazi back home to Onduparaka FC and all our new players. Livingston is an icon of the game, a legend of the Uganda Football Club and has more that three decades of experience as a player, coach, administrator and pioneer- and on behalf of everyone at the club, it's great to have you back at Onduparaka FC.

Our partners and sponsors are integral part of the resilience and strength that underpins our club, I would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for your continued support. In particular, to our partners; MTN Uganda, Heritage Courts and Arua Countryside Hotel.

MTN Uganda is the lead partners

Arua Country site, is the latest parner on boad

Heritage Courts Hotels is the fitness partners

A major part of the strategic initiative by the Board has been the establishment of an advisory committee to identify areas of required expertise to enhance the current management and it's contribution to the club. These are highly respected individuals who will bring diverse range of professional experience and importance skills identified by the management to the board table. 

I would also like to knowledge the wounderful efforts of outgoing players and on behalf of board and everyone associated with the club. We would like to thank them for their services and wish them for the future.

We have incredibly loyalty staff, a talented and experienced playing list, and wounderful support from our commercial partners and passionate fans who are at the centre or everything we want to do this season. We shall launch our new kids and possible partnerships in the near future, for now we just want to gear up for the Super 8 Leager, and the new season. 

At Onduparaka FC, our fabic is stronger. It's time for the Onduparaka FC, to again make our proud and for the Caterpillar faithbase to don the sash and unit behind our club.

Go Caterpillars

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