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04 Jun

The She Cranes head coach Ssalongo Fred Mugerwa Tabale after two weeks of assessing the 28 local based players summoned on National team the She Cranes for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games in England, on Friday, he has trimmed the team to 20 players.

The tactician with his technical bench decided to drop eight players to remain with 20 as they are starting regional tours this weekend.

“It is a hard task to trim the team especially when all you have in camp are good, but due to resources we decided to reduce on the number of players especially in positions where we had many and also their performance.

But I take it that all the 30 are she cranes players, we shall be rotating from those for a while because they are good, only have slight difference.” Coach, Mugerwa Fred revealed.

Mugerwa also asserted that the team is going to have the regional tours and they are starting with Masaka on Sunday 05th,June, 2022 but according to him, these regional tours are not friendly matches where he will be assessing his girls but just exhibitions to alert the public about She Cranes.

“We are going to have regional tours and we are starting with Masaka on Sunday, but these are not friendly matches but exhibitions, we are taking team to people and get to know that it’s She Cranes that’s going to represent them in commonwealth games but of course we are going to have build up games with men, especially next week.” He added.

The eight dropped players include the 2021 Super League MVP, Shakirah Nassaka, Lillian Ajio, Racheal Nanyonga, Mutesi Nasiimu, Stella Nanfuka, Annet Najjuka, Adunia Florence and Nankya Moureen Winfred.

The remained 20 local based players include;

Stella Oyella (GS), Hanisha Muhammeed (GS), Kabendela Asinah (GS), Namulumba Christine (GS), Nassanga Shadia (GA), Irene Eyaru (GA).

Mid court players:

Baagala Margret (C), Nakiyunga Sarah (C/WA), Achan Jessica (C), Wasagali Alicia (WA), Birungi Conchepta Desire (WA), Lunkuse Norah (WA).


Nakanyike Shakirah (WD), Namutebi Rose (WD), Asingo Viola (WD),Nampungu Joan (GD), Sandra Nambirige (GD), Nalwanja Shaffie (GK), Kayeny Privas (GK), Kadondi Faridah (GK).

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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