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14 May

Onduparaka FC plays Soltilo Bright Stars at home as of Saturday 14th May 2022 off matchday fixture 29 at AbaBet Greenlight stadium in Arua City. As their last 2021/2022 home game encounter, Onduparaka shall play this match without the services of their key player Mohamad Shaban Ijagason who has accumulated yellow card as well as Yakini Rashid on the same account whereas John Roger Okumu's previous red card as per Matchday 28 against Arua Hill SC bars him from today's encounter with Soltilo Brightstar FC as Agau Rashid's long spell torn ligament injury still puts him off the pitch and so is goal keeper Paul Mwanga's malaria attach that has doubtfully put off this fixture. However, Okocha Rashid continues to be out of the pitch based on the FUFA suspension which he is due to finish serving by the end of this month.

However, this crucial rule out will have a serious impact on both the team (Onduparaka FC) and Ijagason as this would affect Mo Shaban's Uganda Premier League Top scorer race as the race only has now one match left for him as Monzoki's 2 goal difference ahead of him seems to be an advantage and on the other side, Onduparaka FC looks at this game as a tool for top 7 finish in the leaque.

The visiting team bright stars are already in town and have been training at Salim Saleh playground - Barifa Mvara side and are taking this fixture as a crucial game to put off to rest the relegation battle as they sit 12 on the table with 30 points. 

Trainign Pics

Pictures From Brightstars Training

While speaking to Host TV  in Arua, Forward Emmanuel Loki expresses readiness for the game and calls this a must win to survive relegation as the team sees this match as an important tp push off pressure from the relegation zone.


Emmanuel Loki - Speaking 

As per the whole team outlook, the Head coach of Soltilo Brightstar's Paul Kiwanuka assures the media of the readiness of the team ahead of the game and also names out players who have been ruled out of the game key to it is Matovu and Mendy who has a toothache. 


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