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24 Nov

The Onduparaka Football club fans committee has stopped their fellow fans from watching the forth coming match of Arua Hill Sport Club against Onduparaka football club which is scheduled to take place on 27th/11/2022 at Barifa stadium in Arua city.

The president of Onduparaka fans committee, Jamal Ahmed A.KA. Big Jamme while addressing journalists on Thursday 24th/11/2022 at Cafeteria Hotel in Arua city ahead of the game explained that the reason of them not allowing fans to go and watch the game live at the stadium is in accordance to the guideline issued to the club as the penalty levied by federation of Uganda football association [FUFA].

This came into force as per the chaos that was caused by fans during the game between Onduparaka football club against Arua Hill SC last season.


Onduparaka Fc was suspended after having played against Arua Hill Sport Club on 06/05/2021 due to hooliganism and the conditions that were imposed on them by the FUFA which among others included;

The club was deducted two points ahead of the current season 0f 2022/2023, they are supposed to play five away games outside Westnile   sub region without fans among others.

Kennedy Dramani Kenzo, coordinator of the club says that they have prepared screens for Onduparaka football club fans at green light stadium, the home of Onduparaka football club to go and watch the game.


Currently Onduparaka football club sits 15th in the bottom two points after eight games played in the Star time Uganda premier league.

The chief cheer leader of the club, Smilinas Assassin says that stopping the fans to watch the games live in the stadium is to prevent the re occurrence of the chaos before the completion of the suspension.


After Arua hill football club  game against Onduparaka at Barifa stadium on Sunday 27th/11/2022, they are expected to play against Kampala capital city authority[KCCA]of Bombo military barracks and they  shall  returns to Aba bet green light stadium on 11th/12/2022 when they shall host Maroons .Onduparaka Football club has  drawn four [ 4] games, lost four [4] and have won zero [0] in  this season.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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