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30 Aug

 It seems like Kyetume FC won’t be participating in this season’s Uganda Premier League according to the latest news.

It should be recalled that FUFA’s Club Licensing Committee a few days ago axed Kyetume from taking part in the 2022-2023 Uganda Premier League season.
This was due to their failure to register a single player on the League’s Connect system by the stipulated deadline.

Kyetume had until 22nd Monday August 2022 to appeal against the decision that saw them relegated past the FUFA Big League to the regional third tier league, the Buganda Region.
They indeed lodged in an appeal which has turned out to be unsuccessful.

FUFA appreciated Kyetume for trying to fulfill the requirements for the Club Licensing committee. Their appeal was taken into consideration by the FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee (FCLAC).

The FLCAC noted that Kyetume had no player uploaded on the FUFA connect system by the deadline of 10th August 2022.
The club was therefore advised to fulfill the requirements of participating in the Buganda Regional League as the earlier decision wouldn’t change.
“The decision of the Club Licensing Committee is therefore upheld.
FUFA wishes to advise that Kyetume FC undertakes to fulfill rhe Club Licensing requirements for the third Division Buganda Region season 2022/2023.

It is our sincere hope that the club will understand the sporting intentions of this decision,” partly read FUFA’s statement.
It’s not clear for now if Kyetume will appeal against this decision or if they will go ahead accept it.

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