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11 Dec

Its business back to usual today 11/12/2022 at exactly 4:00PM EAT as the West Nile's legendary Arua Based Onduparaka FC return home after the FUFA executive Committee ruling. 

Onduparaka are back to the Ababet Greenlight Stadium as they are set to Face tricky Maroons FC in Arua today as of match day 11 of the Startimes Uganda Premier Leaque. 

Onduparaka FC are still in the lookout for their first premier leaque win of the season as they enter matchday 12. In the previous games, the green army had lost 7 of its games, drawn 4 times with no win yet to their name having played all the home games away from home at Bombo Military barracks. 

Onduparaka FC now awaits to feel the magical greenlight stadium fans support as the team prepares to dedicate this Maroons FC encounter as a great come back as they suffer bottom placement of the UPL table.

The tricky and organize - warders Maroons FC have been having a fairly good tide as per their 11 games played in the 2022/2023 Startimes Uganda Premier Leaque having been back to leaque from FUFA Big leaque. The Maroons FC at the moment have a balanced stat having drawn 4 and lost 4 with 3 wins registered to their name as they visit Arua.

Based on the head to head stats, the two teams have met six times in the Startimes Uganda Premier Leaque however, Onduparaka FC had had a better run of the stats having won 2 over Maroons, drawn 3 times and lost one to Maroons as seen below;

Today's match also brings in contention the match needed experience of Coach Stephen Bogere as he comes in timely to rejuvenate the Onduparaka team and land them out of the danger zone at the mirror edge of the relegation zone.

Key to watch on the Maroons squared is the West Nile born Amaku Fred who has had a good run for most of the Maroons FC wins this season having come back from the second tier leaque.

With more of messages on discipline, the fans of Onduparaka also shall be put to test as the disciplinary actions had costed the club a lot in the just concluded ban however, the management remains hopeful that the discipline of the fans shall be well managed as the home agenda begins. 

What's your message to the Ondu team as they return home?

BY: ALDO - Dailywestnile.info 
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