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29 Jun

It will be the first ever awards ceremony in the history of the club 

Leo football club set to award players and staff members on 8th July 2022 on a venue yet be communicated.

The management leo football club confirmed the development to Daily Westnile on Wednesday after the clubs friendly match aganist Arua Select in a game which ended 3-1 infavour Leo football club.

CLub Chairperson, Buatre Moses announced that each player and staff of the club will be awarded for their efforts for season 2021/2022 right from Arua District 4th division league and in the Zonals.

As Part of our Football development plan, we will thank our players for the marvelous performance, We shall award All our Players and Staff with season wards both Individual and General for the players and the entire staff. We want to create more difference ”, club chairman Moses Stated.

 He added that the club's disqualification from the Westnile mini zonal league should be a learning lesson for them and asked players to be claim and focus on next season as he plans to invest more on the club until the club achieves it's target.

Leo football club the power house in Arua District 4th division league performed really well in Arua District 4th division league and eventually were crowned champions of the league. 

The team got promoted to Westnile mini zonal league and performed excellently very well in the Nyagak zone mini zonal league group stage beating all their opponents in Group D before they were ejected out of the league after fielding in an ineligible player.

The Salim Saleh based outfit had no respect for the big names starting and closing with wins against Nile Hippos in the the Zonals.

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

NB- What a way to motivate players and staff!

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