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24 Jul

Dawa, 18, is a promising female footballer who is also part of the south Sudan national women's team and Yei Joint Stars Women's team.

After achieving and ascending somewhere in life, It is human to yearn for better things as well as reaching far-fetched peaks.

Young female footballer Dawa is only 18 years but has already made the national Senior women's team grade for South Sudan and still strives for more.

"I am first of all humbled to be a female footballer. I thank my parents for the motivation, the coaches and everyone who has pushed me along the way. I am part of the south Sudan team but I will keep working hard to improve".


She was born on 28th November 2004 and went to Arua Demonstration primary school, before shifting to secondary in Vurra SS and Mukono high School respectively.

Mary Dawa vividly recounts her football journey thus far as Prophet Jonah did recall the moments when he was swallowed by the infamous whale.

“I remember starting to play football when I was very young in primary school at 13 years.I feared to tackle but I was a good passer and dribbler of the ball. With the encouragement of the parents, coaches and my friends, I have made it up to this stage” she recalls.

Besides the good game reading, Dawa is also an excellent crosser of the ball with lung-bursting runs down the flank customary of most wing players and a great executor of set pieces.

Role Models:

Locally, Dawa was inspired by Samson Ceasor Ohkuti in Uganda with Barcelona and Spain international Xavi as her international pick.

Detailed Profile:

Full Names: Mary Dawa

Nick-Name: Dan Marko

Date of Birth: 28th November 2004

Parents: Rev. Con Dan Efitre and Ondoru Rose

Education: Arua Demonstration Primary School, Vurra Secondary School and Mukono high School

Position of Play: Midfielder.

Current Club: Yei Joint Stars Women team in South Sudan.

Current National Team: South Sudan women’s team

Strong Foot: Right

Attributes: Game reading, Good crosses, Pacy runs, set pieces

Role Models: Samson Ceasor Ohkuti (Locally based) & Xavi (International)

Dream Clubs: Yei Joint Stars(south Sudan), Isra Soccer Academy, Ajax Queens Fc, and she Maroons.

Clubs Supported: Arua Hill sports club (Uganda) & Barcelona (Spain)

By Chief Sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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