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17 Jun

The head coach Kataka FC,Tolde Godfrey  has called on the supporters and players of the club to bear with the situation.
Tolde Godfrey says as Kataka FC they have to abide with the rulers that govern the league and their leader which is FUFA.

In an exclusive interview with Coach Kolode, he says Kataka FC are not above the law and they have to respect the FUFA competition disciplinary.

“We don’t have anything to do. As kataka FC, we are not above the law since we can not do away with FUFA since it is the body governing us” coach Toldo told UG Sports Entertainment.

Toldo says this has been a very big mistake and they have learned from this as a club where they will not again fall into such a mistake. He also urges the players to learn from this and the fans so as not to fall into this again.

“ This is not our club only. Now we have learnt alot from this. We are now fighting hard not to repeat the same thing. To our supporters, let us come down and serve the punishments given to us. You never know, maybe this was not our luck since football is all about luck”. He emphasized.

It should be remembered that Kataka FC misbehaved during their home league match with Kyetume FC on 28th April 2022 at Mbale Municipal stadium.

Following the FUFA competitions Disciplinary panel desion, Kataka FC is banned from using their home ground for 5 matches,losing 2points 2goals. Playing five home games behind closed doors outside Bugisu region all to be implemented in the 2022/2023 FUFA Big league season.

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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