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23 Jun

For any sportsman’s life-span; there are three different kinds of lives to abide by under all normal circumstances; the arrival, service and departure.

To start with; the grand arrival moment is much celebrated across the divide whilst appreciation of service time depends upon delivery; exceptional, good, average or bad.

The departure time is least celebrated for obvious reasons that one party or two could be left depressed and devoid of one’s service

Out-going Onduparaka Football Club defender Geriga Hamza has metarphosized through the aforementioned stages of life.

Geriga Hamza former Tipsha football club defender has officially confirmed an emotional farewell to the Onduparaka football club that he has served since 2020.

Geriga lauds the former coaches, teammates, fans, club administrators and everyone who has helped him in a way or another;

"Here is the detailed message as he confirmed his departure on his personal Facebook account"

He is linked to a SouthSudanse league s top tier side Malakia football club as well as a couple of team in the UPL.

Geriga leaves Onduparaka football club with no sliver ware to his name but only delivered quality playing time for club in the StarTimes Uganda premier league and Uganda cup.

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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