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08 Jan

Social media was taken by a wash from a leaked controversial snapshot into the lion share apportion of the 65% (50% share and 15% Legacy Charge) of the just concluded FUFA Drum first leg final gate collection proceeds (44,720,000/=) from the just concluded 7th January 2023 first leg playoff played in Arua at Ababet Greenlight stadium. 

According to the leaked information which was later revealed to be a well apportioned figures as per the FUFA Drum Competition Rules and Regulations Second Edition 2019,  FUFA as a body was entitled to 50% shares, 15% legacy Charge among others as seen below;

The above figures had brought in lots of mixed reactions from a cross section of stake holders in which FUFA as a body was pinned to have had a money minded interest in the lucrative 44,720,000 gate collections from the January 7, 2023 First leg of the finals between West Nile and Lango Drum Team played in Arua City at Ababet Greenlight Stadium. 

However, in an open forum discussion amongst FUFA, West Nile Drum Team Management, Regional Federation and media, the worrying parties were able to reach a compromise and make clear on the said lion share apportion of the 44,720,000/= gate collection in which emphasis was drawn to the current FUFA Drum Competition Rules and Regulations Second Edition 2019. 

In a bid to understand this better, Dailywestnile.info through the FUFA open forum was able to get access to the snapshot of this official draft of the  regulation that deems FUFA as a federation to a lion share of 65% of the 44,720,000/= gate collection taking into account the 50% share amount and the 15% legacy charge.

According to official statements from FUFA Competitions chair, Hajjat Aisha Nalule who also doubles as the secretary FUFA Drum, about the 50% FUFA picks on Ticketing, is legally mandated in the regulations. As she states;

"We had some issues about the sharing unlike before where FUFA has been getting only 10%. But about the final, the regulations stipulate in a different manner. For us it's all about implementing the regulation of the Article that has been there before. We have the gross, we have VAT, the operational costs which have been a little bit heavy. We also took care of accommodation for west Nile, we shall also pay transport for them to go to Lira. We also paid Lango province transport and accommodation and That's why FUFA gets the 50%". And that 50% is only 10m Ugandan shillings"


The current mode of the FUFA Drum competition had clearly deferred from the guidelines as per the stipulations in the current FUFA Drum Competition Rules and Regulations Second Edition 2019 which previously had only asserted a clause to put a winner take it all format for the 3rd phase of the fixture (Finals). 

However, FUFA had reacted to these irregularities as null based on the mandates of the FUFA Executive Committee that has the right to take certain measures to be effected through circulars in effect to foreseen circumstances.

FUFA Drum Competition Rules and Regulations First Edition 2017 did not put into clause any of the said 65% of the Total gate collection taking into account the 50% share amount and the 15% legacy charge.

These regulations only had appeared bold and elaborate in the current FUFA Drum Competition Rules and Regulations Second Edition 2019 which has not been widely emphasized to the Public hence an information gap which the forum realized.

FUFA through her Competitions Manager Madam Hajat Aisha also explained that the above deductions as per the regulations had previously been applied in the subsequent FUFA Drum finals of 2017, 2019 and the same is only coming into force based on laws and regulations in place.

However, as a take-home, the Regional Federation and the Drum Management had to have a clear stand to subject the above regulations into force as the distributive share apportioning stands based on the competition Rules and Guidelines 2019.


FUFA as a federation introduced the Drum football tournament aimed at taking the game of football to the masses based on Provinces in Uganda. The Drum Tournament was based on the Inter Provinces Competition dubbed ‘The Drum’ which was launched at FUFA House by FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo following a resolution of the 93rd FUFA Ordinary General Assembly and the 13th FUFA Executive Committee directive to formulate the Competition.

The Competition is played between 16 provinces of Uganda and it is codenamed ‘The Drum’ and is run and managed by official FUFA regulations.

FUFA as a body was Tusked to meet the costs of the teams in the areas of accommodation, transport,  individual and team winners’ Prizes, trophies and medals plus costs of match officials including the competition and training balls.

The 2022/2023 FUFA Drum Tournament comes in as the third edition of the prestigious FUFA Drum Competition which over the years has continuously attracted lots of fan base and football lovers to the stadium. 

What's your say as an opinion based improvement to better the FUFA Drum Tournament? 

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