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26 Jun

The 2021-2022 westnile, Nyagak zone Mini zonal League group stage is in the books with only half of the field of 16 teams surviving the group stage. 

The top two teams in each group advanced to the Round of 8 which will be held on Monday at Bishop Stadium mvaradri and Salim Saleh Playgrounds respectively.

The teams were ranked within their group based on their points total. If two or more teams were even on points, the first tiebreakers were: (1) points in matches among tied teams, (2) goal difference in matches among tied teams, and (3) goals scored in matches among tied teams. 

The eight ( 8) teams for the Nyagak mini Zonal are Paidha United, Parombo, Kuluva Rainbow FC, Muni Soccer Club, Ocoko United, Nyahama FC, Leo FC and Nile Hippos

 complete list of tiebreakers follows below.

* Paidah United Vs Muni Soccer club @8am PTC grounds 

* Kuluva RB vs Parambo @8am Salim Saleh Playgrounds 

* Ocoko United vs Nile Hippos @10am PTC grounds 

* Leo FC  vs Nyahama 10am Salim Saleh Playgrounds 

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh 

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