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02 Sep

Wonders still continue to surround the newly released draft of the Uganda Premier League 2022/2023 season which were released as of Thursday evening (01/09/2022).  According to the draft fixture, Arua based Arua Hill Sports Club are said to have their home matches to be played at Ababet Greenlight Stadium. 

According to sources from the CEO of Uganda Premier League Mr. Bernard, it was believed that the Kongolo base at Barifa was not on the list of certified pitches despite hence could not be used.

However as per reliable information Dailywestnile.info has obtained, 

Arua Hill Management has never received any communication from FUFA in regard to nullification of Barifa stadium.

Its also confirmed from reliable source from Kongolo camp that the management only had  received a notice of pitch  reinspection notice from FUFA which was to be done in between dates of 1 - 5th September 2022.


Previously, the FUFA pitch inspection committee had visited Barifa stadium and called upon the management to fit the gates at Barifa before final approval could be passed and to effect this, the club had already worked on the recommendation and written back upon which FUFA responded with a schedule for re inspection.

We will keep you posted on the recent development surrounding this story as it unveils.

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