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15 May

West Niles champions Arua Hill Sports Club's management has come openly to announce a give back to its fans inform of free entrance on matchday 30 as of 21st May 2022 as they play Express FC at home in Barifa - Arua City. This was according to the official club statement as it quotes,

Because you our fans have been our bedrock, we dedicate the last game as a gift for you, so this game will have free entrance! You can also register for the Kongolo fans card if you haven't! | Gold  50.000 UGX | Silver 20.000 UGX

Arua Media

Credits: AHSC Media Team

The club also calls upon the fans to continue registration as a drive to have a smart idea for club information management and calls upon the fans to as well register online on the link below, Click Here To Register

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