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31 Aug

With the sign on deal done behind closed doors off media releases, dailywestnile.info can confirm the signing of former onduparaka player Andama Denis koko. 

According to reliable sources, the signing fee of koko have never been disclosed and he has also not been unveiled officially to the media, a strategy that the club has incorporated.

Jazz 17 - Koko Spotted getting instructions from Coach Mbabazi

Koko a former Onduparaka player who left the club during the controversial July 2021 mass release festival offer of the green side becomes one of the players who has since then been training with the kongolo duos. 

Ever since then tactician Charles Livingstone has been seen guiding him during the trainings. Koko has been a free agent after his exit from Onduparaka with whom he had claimed irregularities as he was sent off without contract pay a case which ever since then has died its own death after media stopped reporting.

Koko now Joins the list of new players that the Kongolo basement has captured off the media attention in a surprise tactics.

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