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04 Sep

Its not a mistake no more as the Adjumani town council FC continues to shame the West Nile Uganda Premier League teams process by process. In the recent development, Onduparaka FC becomes the second team to be massacred at the Adjumani Town council FC Paridi Stadium. The pre season match that was played as of 3rd September 2022 show the caterpillars been feasted on 2 goals to nil in Adjumani. The Adjumani Town council FC team secured their first goal in the first half off Sadik Nasur's maiden goal and later they put in another goal at the 62 minute to put the game to a 2:0 win over the Onduparaka FC.

Adjumani Town council FC in the their match encounter with Arua Hill SC also had showed the Kongolo boys that they were mightier in the region as they thrashed AHSC 2:0 during Arua Hill SC's Adjumani tour.  

What you need to know about Adjumani Town council FC Team.

Nicknamed as the Cocks, the Adjumani Town council FC was founded in 1998 as a community club in Adjumani. They are the champions of the 2022 West Nile Regional League after defeating the Nebbi Central FC to secure their slot among the 16 teams to feature in the forth coming FUFA big league to represent West Nile Region. The team is trained by former Calvary FC Coach Akena Geoffrey. 

Their mighty Coach son of the son who got them promoted coach Chandiga Andrew AKA Klopp is one senior to watch with his American Ancient and experience, we can confirm their is a secret in the team. 

Coach Chandiga (Klopp)- Speaking After Promotion To Big Leaque

Adjumani Town council FC continues to silently hammer and take over West Nile as they have put to shame some of the major teams in the region. Its now not a news that the team has been able to hamble the following teams as of now as per their previous five friendlies as seen below; 

3/9/2022ATC2OOnduparaka FC
30/9/2022ATC50Yumbe Select
30/07/2022ATC21Arua Hill SC
16/07/2022Paidha BA11ATC

The Adjumani Town Council FC currently is running a fund raising drive so as to facilitate their budget for the big challenge ahead of the 2022/2023 FUFA big leaque season were they are up to compete country wide against the 16 teams. 

Dailywestnile.info calls upon the Public to support this team as we can confirm another mighty West Nile team to be capable competing in the top tier Uganda Premier League in the near future. What's your message to the Adjumani Town Council Team.

Adjumani Town council FC Team In a Fundraising Drive

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