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08 Oct

Onduparaka FC's Mighty Greenlight Stadium witnessed a dramatic turn of events in the 56th minute of the game as Abonga Dominic's late strike secured a crucial victory for the home team. Onduparaka FC hosted Kataka FC, and the match will be remembered not only for Abonga's heroics but also for the challenges faced by the visiting team. The caterpillars' starting lineup featured some familiar faces, with Jimmy Kanakulya, Adriko Gasper, Ajiga Micheal, Yakin Rashid, Ndifuna Bernard, Mayanja David, Boy Fazillihno, Mandela Malish, Andama Junior Ade Brian and Bida Ezra taking the field. On the bench, they had Okello Mathais, Mahadi Swaleh, Jimmy Piriyo, Olega Ceasor, Abonga Dominic, and Coach Player Okuthi Ceasor. 

In an interview following the game, the coach of Kataka FC Tolde Godfrey expressed his frustration with the challenges his team faced leading up to the match. He mentioned that his players were mentally affected by the lack of a suitable training pitch, and despite arriving three days prior to the game, they were denied a place to train. Moreover, the lengthy journey to the Mighty Greenlight Stadium led to a limited number of players available, disrupting the team's game plan and tactics. 

Coach Omar of Onduparaka FC revealed that their strategy for the game was straightforward: attack and apply pressure to secure a win. Their persistence paid off when Abonga Dominic netted a crucial goal that turned out to be the match-winner. 

The Man of the Match, Abonga Dominic, dedicated his goal and the victory to the entire team. His late strike not only secured three valuable points for Onduparaka FC but also lifted the spirits of the fans at the Mighty Greenlight Stadium. Looking ahead, the caterpillars are set to face Kiyinda boys in Mityana Municipality in their next game. As they prepare for the upcoming fixture, the team will aim to build on the momentum gained from this hard-fought victory. 

Abonga Celebrating his Goal  

Onduparaka FC fans will undoubtedly be celebrating Abonga's heroics, while Kataka FC will be left reflecting on the challenges that affected their preparation for the match. This exciting clash at the Mighty Greenlight Stadium is a testament to the resilience and determination of both teams in the Ugandan football scene.

By Ceasor Khalid Juma Dailywestnile.info

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