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02 Sep

With much speculations and snapshoots into the pre season training atmosphere and hiked transfer communications tickling from the Barifa Forest.

Dailywestnile.info can confirm from the forest hunt the following possible signings to be added on the Kongolo base so as to have a More Kongolo squad possible of lifting the 2022/2023 UPL Season Cup.  The following transfer speculations according to us are at a very kongolo stage;

1. Hassan Mahmood - Defender (Police FC)

Cells at the Police FC have been unsafe for most of the Police Players ever since the club got relegated as per the end of 2021/2022 UPL season. We can only refer to the situation as Mass exodus of players. 

Hassan Mahmood is about to be the next potential part of this exodus moments at Police ever since when Arua Hill SC have been poking the dockets in acquiring his signatures. 

Mahmood,  is currently nearing the conclusion of his contract with Police FC, played in just five games the previous season before missing the remainder due to injury. 

Hassan Mahmood - Defender (Police FC)

Its now almost two months that Hassan has been engaged in a wooing messaging and texting affairs which as per now has been turned into official visits at the Arua city based Barifa Forest. 

With no glue were as to why he is visiting the shrines at Barifa stadium, we can only say he awaits unveiling at the Kongolo base as he starts to try the new  designed Kongolo Jersey. 

2. Isaac Ogwang - Free Agent Striker (SC Villa)

Its now over two months (since June 2022) that Arua Hill SC has been in talks with Isaac Ogwang a free agent player as per now. Ogwang had joined Sports Club Villa as of 2020 however got a stint of the Covid Outbreak. 

Isaac Ogwang - Free Agent Striker (SC Villa)

Isaack Ogwang who currently is a free agent player as per the reports SC Villa exit list of players on non renewal. With only weeks to close the transfer window, Ogwang now only has Hours to be unveiled at Arua Hill SC basement from the forest.

Our unclear camera's looming towards the forest have been able to confirm that Ogwang is a Kongolo player at 95%

Isaac is a good striker who could according to dailywestnile.info research can be a good addition at Arua Hill SC since the striking department has been a key talking point at the forest establishment ever since Alfred Leku left for Juicy deals off to Zambia.

3. Ibe Emmanuel Obinna - Forward (Nigerian)

From close sources, its another oga coming on board at the Arua Hill SC Kongolo base to give company to the only Oga at the Kongolo base. This deal according to us is at maturity stage and can be regarded also 95% a done deal. 

Ibe a penalty specialist is a former URA and Wakiso Giant Player and also had a career time playing in Kenya for Mathere United and Kenya Revenue Authority FC.

Ibe Emmanuel Obinna - Forward (Nigerian)

Obina is a fierce attacker and an experienced player that Arua Hill cant afford to miss out on its new signing sheet so lets await the unveiling event to confirm. 

4.Katnsu Justin

Katanzu is very possible signing according to reliable sources he is coming on board and the deal can be confirmed at 95% as well. 

However, it should be noted that Arua Hill has so far lost Seven players who as per now have left the Kongolo base among whom include; Alfred Leku, David Ndihabwa, Ibrahim Magandazi, Ibrahim TemboRobert Eseru and Eric Kibowa.

What is your view on these possible signings, kindly leave a comment.

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