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22 Jun

In this years Westnile mini zonal league play offs, a Total of Thirty three (33) teams from Nine Districts of Westnile that is Arua and Adjumani as the hosts, will be battling for four slots from each zone to gain promotion to Westnile Regional League 2022/23.

(Road to Westnile Regional league )

Nyagak Zone comprises of, Arua DFA, Nebbi DFA, Zombo DFA, Madi okollo DFA and Pakwach DFA.

 while Nile Zone Comprises of DFAs like Maracha, Yumbe, Koboko and Adjumani.

It has been reported that Each club from the two zones will have to pay a participation fee of 400,000 thousand Uganda shillings before 24th of June 2022.

However there has been absence of clubs from Terego, Moyo and Obongi DFAs simply because the District's did not take part in 4th division games from their respective DFA'S.

The mini Zonal league will be hosted by Arua and Nyagak DFA's Respectively.

Nyagak zone:

 Arua Teams:

1-Leo football club

2- Kuluva RB 

3- Ocoko United

4-Muni soccer club

5-Oli Rising Stars 

6- Arua Airfield

Nebbi Teams:

1-Nyahama FC

2-Parambo United 

Pakwach Teams:

1-Amor Young Heroes

2-Pajobi United 

3-Jumedi Young Angles 

Zombo Teams:

1-Paidah United

 2-Padea Rising Stars 

3-Zeu Central 

Madi Okollo Team:

1-Nile Hippos FC 

2-Okollo Central FC

Nile Zone:

 Yumbe Teams: 

1-Westnile United

2-Yumbe Hospital FC

3-Total FC

4-Midland FC

5-Yumbe Heroes 

6-Safety Hero FC

Maracha Teams:

1-Okokoro United

 2-Oluvu United 

3-Alikua pyramid

 Koboko Teams:

1-Nyah Young Stars 

2-Oraba FC

3-Bamure FC

 4-Koboko Boys 

Adjumani Teams:

1-Comboni sports club 

2-Young Villa FC

 3-Viena Academy

 4-Adjumani Maroons FC 

By Chief sports Editor: Senior Geroh

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