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As 2022/2023 season of the Uganda Premier leagues looms at the corner, dailywestnile.info sports room has released the official 2022 16 UPL Clubs Digital Footprint Rankings based on data collected from how the Top 16 Ugandan Clubs have taken use of the digital footprints. This is based on the researched data analysis from how the clubs use social media, website, vlogging as well as other digital media as a tool in professional football. Before you take a dive lets start from bottom. 

16. Blacks Power FC 

Bottom on the list is the new entrant to the Uganda top tier league - Blacks Power FC, a team based in Lira City Of Northern Uganda. According the ranking in terms of digital footprint, the team sits bottom at the 16th position. Blacks Power FC despite having low Facebook and twitter engagement, they haven’t taken the space to have a functional website and YouTube handle. As the third team from the Northern Uganda, they should have taken advantage of the digital space just like how their two counterparts have taken – Onduparaka and Arua Hill. It should be noted that Onduparaka easily got certified on Facebook. However, the new entrant Black Powers have been able to organize their impact on Twitter and Facebook. In reality, black power FC has more footprints on Twitter were they have 4,960 Facebook page likes which is fare much better than teams like Kytume, Maroons and Gadafi FC Respectively. 

Statistical Data Showing the Ranking Dash Board

15. Maroons FC 

At the second last spot are the warders – Maroon FC who are 15th on the digital footprint ranking. The club has a functional website, Facebook (7883), twitter (653) as well as a YouTube Handle with 12 subscribers and less engagement in terms of views. Despite been an organized team belonging to the Uganda Prison, they seem to relax a lot on how they manage their digital footprints online a tool they need to up. However their Facebook page seems to be having somehow fare engagements they need to up the game more. 

14. UPDF FC 

Number 14 puts on spot the Bombo based army boys of UPDF FC in terms of the digital footprints. The UPDF FC Teams lacks a functional website and has a less engaging YouTube handle which has 21 subscribers with 414 views of videos. It’s only on Facebook (9,209 Likes) and Twitter (3,481 Followers) that the army boys are faring well. Just like the Maroons, the UPDF FC team’s accounts to one of the institutional teams the top tier league has. 

13. Kyetume FC 

At the 13th position of the digital footprint Rankings is the Kyetume FC. The team has a functional website, Facebook Page (8,044 Likes), Twitter (808 Followers) and YouTube handle (115 Subscribers) however with low engagement. 

12.Gaddafi FC 

The Jinja based Gadafi Mosque FC sit 12th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club. As organized they are, Gadafi FC lack a functional Twitter handle. However they have much digital presence on Facebook (7,036 Likes), YouTube (220 Subscribers) and a functional Website. They quickly need to fill the gap of having a Twitter handle and capitalize more on YouTube since their handle has lots of views. 

Gadafi FC YouTube Handle

11. Busoga United FC 

11th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are the King’s men Busoga United Football Club. Despite having a cultural backing and public trust from the Busoga Clan, the team has no functional website. However, their presence on Facebook (24,013 Likes), Twitter (8,469 Followers) and YouTube (27 Subscribers) has attracted for them lots of engagement hence placing them 11th on the rankings. With lots of trust, there is need to have website so as to improve their rankings. 

10. Soltilo Bright Stars FC 

10th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are the Matuga based - Soltilo Bright Stars FC – Formerly known as Bright Stars FC. Despite having a moderate and balanced engagement on Facebook (14,200 Likes) and Twitter (15,807), the team has a website domain that only takes one to a word press template. With a presence on YouTube, the team official YouTube handle has 3,418 vies attracted from the 144 subscribers. 

YouTube Ranking Data In Terms Of Followership as at 30/08/2022

09. Wakiso Giants FC 

The Wakiso based purple shacks are 9th on the 2022 digital footprint ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club. With visible presence on almost most of the digital footprints, the Purple shacks have a brighter future ahead if their media team can do more to improve their online presence. Within the short times they have spent in the league, the Wakiso based side have been able to attract huge following on their Facebook (27,687 Likes), Twitter (29,011 Followers), YouTube (144 Subscribers) and having a responsive engagement website. On a good note, the purple shacks are the only Ugandan team that have more followers on Twitter than Facebook engagements. However, they need to up more on the usage of YouTube digital space. Their ideas in using key figures like Singer Jose Chameleon has attracted for them huge online engagements – an Idea other teams can follow. 

08. Bull FC 

8th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are the Bull FC, a team been founded by BIDCO Uganda Limited, based in the Eastern Region district of Jinja. They had one of the best stints in the 2021/2022 season as well as having a great stride on the digital platforms. The team has an updated website and visibility on Facebook (18,319 Likes), Twitter (14,223 Followers) and an engaging YouTube handle with 488 Subscribers and 34,517 views. Their media personnel have been consistent. 

Twitter Ranking Data In Terms Of Followership as at 30/08/2022

07. SC Villa 

As one of Uganda’s oldest clubs based on its 1958 inception, SC Villa Comes 7th on the log, a position that isn’t good sounding for such a traditional team that has stayed for decades on the Ugandan football Arena. It’s shocking to learn that SC Villa has no functional website except for the unsecure domain name that has since gone onto expiration. However, SC Villa sits on top five big boys of the Ugandan clubs that got Facebook blue print certification on the official accounts on Facebook. With much following on Facebook (49,203 Likes), Twitter (34,083 Followers) and YouTube (647) there is a lot that SC Villa has to do so as to up its digital footprints. A website for which case would really help hype a lot. 

Chart  Showing How  Clubs are Ranked In Terms Of Facebook Page Likes

06. Arua Hill SC 

With barely two spells in the top tier Uganda Premier league, Arua Hill FC have shown to the world on how football organization based on structures can influence positive trends. The Arua Based Kongolo duos are 5th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football. They seemed to take over the digital spaces positively with much visibility on Facebook (23,483 Likes), Twitter (10,394 followers), and having one of the most trending YouTube handle with over 1,110 subscribers and Over 75,258 views hence making Arua hill one of the top clubs that have invested in its media teams. However, the official Arua Hill website has been widely seen into a developer – owner saga when they fell out with the first website developer. With such issue of domain controversy, there is no way a club can have website management effectively. Today many international writers end up tagging or linking the old inactive site that keeps on saying “This website has been suspended because of failure to pay.” With all the above, Arua hill Fc has a bright future ahead and seems to be heading to Facebook certification soon if the media team of the clubs ups the digital footprints. 

Pic Showing Controversies Concerning Arua Hill Website

05. Onduparaka FC 

Onduparaka stands out as one of the top and certified Ugandan Clubs on Facebook out of the five certified clubs as for that they sit 5th on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Clubs. Despite having good strides on Facebook (49,203 Likes), Twitter (34,083 Followers) and YouTube (646), Onduparaka FC lacks a viable website since the club’s official website only is yet in the development state (Domain and template) and also has two domains to its website all redirecting to different sites https://onduparakafc.com/ and https://onduparakafc.org/. However much Onduparaka has lots of engagement on YouTube, the club has a lot to develop in terms of vlogging capacity and ought to have an impressive and interactive website. 

Snapshoot Showing Onduparaka Website

04 Express FC 

The Ugandan Red Eagles as one of ancient (Founded in 1957) clubs in the Ugandan football seen in terms of digital relevance are 4th on the ranking list. Villa continues to enjoy the status of been one of the certified Ugandan Clubs on Facebook after booking a blue print on their official Facebook page. With one of the most engaging Facebook (75,825 Likes), Twitter (39,216 Followers) and a very responsive website. Despite the above strides, Express FC has no visible YouTube handle and hence need to up their media strategy from the Vloging aspect. 

Chart Visualizing YouTube Subscription Per Club

03. URA FC 

3rd on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are the Tax Collectors – Uganda Revenue Authority Football Club (URA FC).  As one of the institutional based formed clubs, URA FC have a visible footprint on Facebook (31,986 Likes), Twitter (34,342 Followers) and with 3,040 YouTube Subscribers and an engaging handle view of over 212,750.  URA has taken hold of all the platforms hence having a tiding stride at the 3rd place in this raking. However, their website isn’t still much interactive nd responsive. 

URA FC Twitter Account

02. Vipers SC 

2nd on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are Venoms who have since been an organized team after the Mulindwa take over that show the club Bunamwaya name tag taken off and new digital Vipers name come on Board. With much investment from the club boss Mulindwa, the club has since then seen a top stride on the digital platforms. Vipers Sports Club have a balance stride on almost all the digital platforms with 90,878 likes on the certified Facebook page, 67,352 followers on Twitter and having over 6,700 subscribers on You Tube with over 372,547 video views on YouTube. Despite the above strides, Vipers FC has a non-responsive website with stale information. It’s shocking to learn that at the time of this research, the club still had Mohamad Shaban as one of its players on the website besides the two years plus departure times of Shaban. 

Vipers SC Website Showing Shaban As One Of Its Players Aug 2022

01. KCCA FC 

1st on the 2022 digital footprint Ranking of the Top Ugandan Football Club are the kasasiro boys – Kampala Capital City Authority Football Club (KCCA FC). KCCA FC by far has the most organized digital footprint of which this can be attributed to the sponsorship management were over the years they have been having media partners. KCCA has a certified Facebook account with 111,533 page likes, 78,361 followers on Twitter and over 7,407 YouTube handle subscribers as well as having the most engaging YouTube handles amongst all the Ugandan Football Clubs with over 658,994 views. With all the above statistics, KCCA is the top ranked club in Uganda in terms of digital footprint.

The Most Viewed Ugandan Club Based Video on YouTube 

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