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18 Oct

News tickling from  the West Nile Regional League side Nebbi Hot springs indicates that there only awaits unveiling as tech giants Pixan spots a possible sponsorship interest in the team.  Based on the official communcation from the teams patron and president, they are set to land a big kit deal with renewable energy and accessories Company Pixan Inc ahead of 2022-2023 season. 

In an extended long phone interview, According to a reliable source, an  official from Pixan and the club are locked in a serious negations which will see the company logo appear on their  shirts. It's believed that the talks are yet on a Sponsorship value of 100 Million plus.

Based on the sniped loop of the deal, it is believed that The sponsorship deal is set to run for three years with the official  cash value yet to be disclosed. 

Nebbi Hot Springs will become the second club to be sponsored by Pixan Inc in West Nile Region. Pixan Inc deals in Accessories  and renewable energy  and devices such as Phones, ear phones ear bands and power banks ,solar and Batteries.

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