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11 Oct

In a recent turn of events, Uganda's Energy Minister, Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, has issued an apology to the residents of West Nile for the persistent delays in connecting the region to the national power grid. The region has endured more than two years of frustration, protests, and exorbitant power costs while grappling with extensive blackouts. 

The contentious issue revolves around Wenerco, a company responsible for providing power to the area. Despite the residents' pleas and demonstrations, the government has yet to incorporate West Nile onto the national grid, perpetuating disparities in access to electricity. 

Nankabirwa, while expressing her regret for the prolonged wait, refrained from making any new commitments regarding when West Nile might finally see a connection to the national grid.

Minister Ruth Nankabirwa Inspecting Progress of Work at Karuma Hydro-Power Plant

Nevertheless, she reassured the public that progress was underway and that there is hope on the horizon. Despite this bleak scenario, Nankabirwa's words of optimism are pinned on the government's ambitious plan to achieve 100% electricity access for all Ugandans by 2030. 

While some MPs argue that their constituencies continue to grapple with darkness and load shedding, Nankabirwa cited the progress made so far and the need for financial resources to reach this electrification target. The Energy Ministry has secured funding from the World Bank under the Electricity Access Scale Up Project (EASP). 

These funds are expected to facilitate free connections to over 1 million households across the country, bringing hope to regions like West Nile. As the nation strives to reach its electrification goal by 2030, the residents of West Nile and other underserved areas will closely monitor the progress. Their patience, long-tested by unreliable power and unmet deadlines, remains tethered to the promise of a brighter, more electrified future for all Ugandans.

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