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13 Oct

In a bid to unearth and nurture young sporting talents, the West Nile Rural Electrification Company (Wenreco), the primary power distributor in the Westnile sub-region, has organized an exciting district inter-athletics competition. 

The event is set to take place this Saturday at the Mvara Secondary School playgrounds in Arua City, and it promises to be an incredible opportunity for the region's youth.

Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer of Wenreco, emphasized the primary objective of this competition: to identify and support budding athletes among the youth of Westnile. The ultimate aim is to provide these young talents with the necessary resources and training to enable them to compete at the national and even international level. This is a remarkable opportunity for aspiring athletes to chase their dreams and represent their region on a broader stage.

Wangoic Judith, the Public Relations Officer of Wenreco

The competition is not confined to a single district; it extends its benefits to all the districts, municipalities, and cities within the Westnile sub-region. Wenreco, the driving force behind this initiative, has gone the extra mile to ensure that participants will not face logistical challenges. 

They will provide transportation and accommodation for all participants during their stay in Arua City, a commendable effort to facilitate equal opportunities for all.

Mr. Lika Mukutari, the City Sports Officer, underlined the importance of exposing young talent. He highlighted how this event is a tangible way for Wenreco to give back to the community, considering that their services are always paid for. 

Mr. Mukutari urged athletes from all the districts in Westnile to register with their respective districts, encouraging their participation in the competition. Moreover, he noted that this event could potentially boost the local economy by providing a platform for surrounding communities to sell their products to the attendees.

A particularly significant development in this initiative is the involvement of Alua Isa Shaban, a delegate of the Uganda Athletics Federation representing Westnile. Shaban explained the multifaceted benefits of sports, emphasizing that it not only fosters popularity but also provides opportunities for income and scholarships. This aligns perfectly with Wenreco's vision, as the company seeks to create a platform for identifying and nurturing young talents in the region. 

The Uganda Athletics Federation has pledged full support for this endeavor, recognizing the potential it holds for talent development.

The athletics competition will feature various track and field events, including the 100 meters run, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, and two relay races. 

Shida Leni, a prominent figure in Westnile sports, is expected to lead as the chief athlete, adding a layer of excitement to the event.

In Picture, Shida Leni, a prominent figure in Westnile sports & Uganda's International Sprinter

In summary, Wenreco's district inter-athletics competition is not merely a sporting event; it's a platform that could transform the lives of young talents in Westnile. 

The company's commitment to supporting the dreams of aspiring athletes is commendable, and it demonstrates a strong dedication to giving back to the community. 

The event promises to not only boost the local economy but also serve as a stepping stone for the region's youth to achieve greatness on a national and international scale. With the support of the Uganda Athletics Federation, Westnile's future sports stars may very well emerge from this event, realizing the full potential of their talents.

BY: Igwera Alinda, Dailywestnile.info 
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