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03 Jan

The three years Oil development project that was under taken by Northern Albertine Network   on Environment and petroleum has come to an end. In interaction with journalists at Desert Breeze Hotel in Arua city on Tuesday 03/01/01, Krishna Ramji working with Northern Albert Network on Environment and Petroleum explained that it is only the project that ended but the organization  is still exists as Northern Albertine Network on Environment and Petroleum.


The oil for development project was funded by Norwegian Agency for International Development through world wide fund for Nature Uganda worth 315 million shillings which is meant   for monitoring of Environment sanitization of community   on the right of land among others due to the discovery of oil in Madi Okollo district and Obongi districts.

The chairperson of Northern Albertine Network on Environment and petroleum who doubles as the executive director of West Nile NGO forum appealed to any well wish to extend helping hands to the organization since the oil Development project as ened.


Government discovered oil in West Nile particularly in Madi Okollo and Obongi district in 2006 that they are planning to commence the work.

The Albertine graben hosts over 70% of Uganda’s protected estate, characterized by natural forests, national parks, fresh water bodies, game reserves, World Heritage Sites as well as biosphere reserves. Petroleum development has the potential to negatively affect biodiversity, tourism and human life in the absence of good governance, consideration of compliance with international best practices and well thought through investment paths for the revenues generated from petroleum resources. Based on this, WWF-UCO would appreciate greater partnerships in action, research, policy advocacy, civil society capacity strengthening, campaigns for company compliance with environmental standards, documentation and communication of the nexus between petroleum development, environmental management and enhancement of human lives.


After a protracted process, Uganda granted five production licenses to UK-listed Tullow Oil and three to France's Total on August 30, 2016.

Nwoya district in northern Uganda has a considerable amount of the 6.5 billion barrels of oil that have been discovered in the country since 2006. But with Nwoya’s oil fields hidden away in the Murchison Falls national park, locals barely get a glimpse of any oil-related activities in their community.

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