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30 Oct

Stanbic bank under its management team of Uganda has donated health equipment worth 50 Million to the four major regional referral hospitals in the region (Northern Uganda).

The donation has been geared towards the four Regional referral hospitals of the Northern Region namely; Gulu, Arua, Lira and Yumbe.

While speaking to dailywestnile.info at the handover ceremony of the equipment in Gulu, the management of that bank affirmed this as one of the Social Corporate responsibility to boast health in the country as they celebrate 150 years of serving the community under the All for You campaign. 

The donated health items to the hospital include among other; three patient beds, phototherapy unit for caring for babies that are born with jaundices, therelizer and 100 mama kids to the Gulu regional referral hospital.

While speaking at the handover of the items, the manager out aired the aims of the donation as to   enable Safe delivery for mothers as well as to reduce the maternal mortality rate of children in the region. 

While handing over the items to the hospital administration of Gulu on Friday 28th/10/2022 at the hospital premises, the director of Stanbic bank Uganda, Mr. Damoni Kitabire revealed that;

The bank has also donated  Items worth UGX 100 million to 23 health centers across the country in the month of October in remembrance of the 60 independence celebration of Uganda dubbed as ‘’’ALL FOR LOVE@ 60  years as the bank is also celebrating it’s 150 years of adversary. 

He further stressed that most of the mothers   in the country dies while giving birth due to insufficient health equipments in various health centers in the country that cannot make them give birth safely 

Mr. Damoni Kitabire - Director - Stanbic bank Uganda


The regional manager of Stanbic bank for Northern Uganda, Benard Ogwal also explained that out of the  the donations they have made in the country,  In  Northern Uganda , Gulu, Arua ,Lira and Yumbe have received items worth UGX 50 million in total. 

Benard Ogwal - Stanbic bank for Northern Uganda Manager


The executive director of Stanbic bank, Tony Toa says that the donation is to ensure safe mother hood while giving birth. 


Uganda is one of the countries in sub Saharan Africa with a very high maternal mortality ratio in which there is estimated to be 336 deaths per 100,000 live births. The hospital director of Gulu regional referral hospital, Dr. Peter Mukobi received the donations on behalf of the hospital administration with a lot of joy. 

Peter Mukobi - Gulu Regional Referral Hop Dir


Betty AOL Ochan, the woman Member of Parliament for Gulu city says that such donation is very important because it add up to the budget of the government and she also appealed to others partners to emulate Stanbic bank is doing social corporate activities in the same way. 

Betty AOL Ochan, WomanMP for Gulu city


Gulu regional referral hospital, commonly known as Gulu hospital is a hospital in Gulu, Northern Uganda. It is the referral hospital for the districts of Amurru, Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader .The hospital also serves as one of the teaching hospital s of Gulu University.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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