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08 Oct

The supreme Mufti of Uganda, the Kibuli   Muslim base faction, Mahammad Galabuzi has appointed sheik   Abdullahi Juma Vuni as the district Kadhi of Arua as the third deputy supreme Mufti for Northern Uganda. This was declared during the Maulid day celebration [The day when Prophet Mohammad was born] at Arua public primary school on Saturday 08th/10/2022 by the director of communication research and international affairs officer of supreme Mufti of Uganda . 


Sheik Juma Vuni was the acting district Kadhi of Uganda Muslim supreme council for Arua district and later was installed as the district Kadhi of Arua Kibuli base faction branch on 16th/April /2019, when the Kibuli base faction administration broke away from the Uganda Muslim supreme council. Maria Ahmed Maria, the district secretary for Arua Muslim Kibuli base faction described the appointment of Sheik Vuni Juma as a fundamental change in the administration of Muslim community especially the Kibuli base faction administration. 


Sheik Abdullahi Juma Vuni is the first third deputy Mufti of Muslim of Uganda for Northern Uganda.  

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - dailywestnile.info
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