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23 Dec

The persistent and irregular power outages in west Nile sub region is affecting business in the area.

Speaking to our reporter on Thursday 22/12/2022, Mr. Moses Oromcan of design Hub of Muzze graphics explained that  the constant power outages in the area makes  them to spent over 100,000/= on daily basis on fuel which  is affecting their business and also their customers are very much disappointed because they are not delivery work in time now.


The ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has set March 2023 as the end to power outages that has condemned the West Nile sub region in darkness for years.

Mike Hillary Andama of Little Stars Mini press similarly expressed disappointment over the persistent power outages in the area asking the management of West Nile Electrification Company to openly the public that they have failed to supply power in the area.


In the Month of October  2022, power outages in the area has escalated so much, speaking to our reporter over the phone  public relation officer of West Nile electrification company [WENRECO] Judith says 

"That the management of the company is working very hard to fix the issue of power outages in the area"

BY: FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info 
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