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13 Oct

The market vendors of Moyo Town Council under their umbrella organization - Market vendors association of Moyo Town Council along with the LC Three chairman took to the street on a peaceful demonstration on the major streets and roads of Moyo town council about the delays in the construction completion of the new market for the people of Moyo. According to concerned vendors, Currently they sell along the demolished market which is under construction as a big tax park but also the district is constructing a new and bigger market which the people said is taking a lot of time to get finished.  

Prior to this demonstration, the leaders had held a meeting as of Wednesday 11/10/22 chaired by the town mayor ( LC 3 chairman) Mr. Ceasar Chandiga in which they agreed to peacefully demonstrate on the continuous delays in the completion of the new market. 

Works on the Shs2.6b modern market in Moyo Town Council, kicked off as of 2018 under The market, supported through the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Programme-Additional Financing (USMID-AF), a project of the World Bank, seeks to support local communities in the area as a reward for hosting refugees.

The proposed new modern Moyo market had hit a snag when Obongi was curved out of the then Moyo District. As Obongi District took 64 percent and Moyo District 36 percent of the allocations,” he said, noting that in 2019, funds were returned to the Consolidated Fund without implementing the project, which had affected progress.  

Key to note is that, the same vendors as of June 2019 had also manned a demonstration over the then relocation of the street vendors who had resorted to street vending due to no proper space 

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STORY BY: ALDO - Dailywestnile.info
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