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15 Oct

In the quiet and serene village of Robu, located in Nyadri sub-county, Maracha district, a recent feud between the Parish Chief, Boniface Asiku Kizito, and the Chairperson of the Parish Development Modal (PDM), Angunduga Isaac, has set the community abuzz. The dispute, which unfolded as a result of some unfortunate misunderstandings, has raised questions about the utilization of PDM funds and the unity within the community. 

The spark that ignited this controversy was the Parish Chief and the Chairperson working separately, leading to rumors that Kizito Boniface Asiku, the Parish Chief, had been allegedly siphoning money from the PDM group members for personal gains. 

These allegations stirred tension and frustration within the community. However, during a stakeholders' meeting on Thursday, October 12, 2023, Kizito Boniface Asiku, the Parish Chief of Robu, strongly refuted these rumors. He clarified that the accusations were baseless and untrue. 

According to him, the controversy had been fabricated without any concrete evidence to support the claims. Asiku emphasized the importance of unity and transparency within the community.


In contrast, Darria Angumaru, the Chairperson of the Parish Development Modal (PDM), contended that the main source of contention was the lack of support from the parish in assisting group members with filling out the necessary forms. 

This failure, in her opinion, led to the quarrel between the two leaders. Titus Eyotre, the Speaker of Nyadri Sub County South, weighed in on the situation, shedding light on a broader issue. He revealed that a significant portion of PDM beneficiaries, particularly men, had mismanaged the funds intended for community development.

Instead of focusing on the common good, internal strife had taken center stage in the form of a dispute between the Parish Chief and the PDM Chairperson. The heart of the matter is the allocation and management of funds intended for the 19 groups within Robu Parish. To date, only 9 of these groups have received the funds in their accounts. 


This discrepancy in fund distribution has fueled tensions within the community, with allegations of embezzlement and mismanagement casting a shadow over the PDM program's integrity. The residents of Robu Parish are left in a state of uncertainty, with questions surrounding the fairness and transparency of the PDM fund distribution process.

By ANWANGKANI FRANCO For Dailywestnile.info
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