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01 Nov

In a heartening turn of events, the Capital One Lounge in Arua City, Uganda, has emerged as the proud winner of a brand-new motorcycle in the ongoing country-wide MTN MoMo pay promotions.

This momentous achievement coincided with a double celebration, as it aligned perfectly with the birthday festivities of Efiti Sydney, known as Sydo Abakuna, Marketing manager - capital one Launch. 

Filled with joy and gratitude, Sydo shared his elation with dailywestnile.info, expressing appreciation for the win and acknowledging the immense support from Capital One Lounge's management and their valued customers.

The win signifies more than just a prize; it symbolizes a milestone for Capital One Lounge as the first winner from Arua, showcasing their resonance within the community. 

The motorcycle comes accompanied by one-year insurance, adding to the significance of the reward. Under this promotion, MTN Momo aims to distribute UGX 800 million along with 60 motorbikes, promoting their 'Pay with Momo' campaign.

The mechanics of the campaign are simple yet rewarding. Customers earn points for every transaction above UGX 5,000 made through MTN MoMo. Upon amassing 10 points, they receive UGX 10,000 MoMo cashback. Additionally, the excitement amplifies for users employing the MoMo App, doubling their points, enhancing the overall experience of the transactions.

Albert Gitta, the MTN MoMo Chief Technical and Information Officer, conveyed the enthusiasm behind the campaign. He emphasized the significance of digital payments in transforming everyday transactions, affirming the campaign's role in rewarding customers' loyalty and empowering merchants with valuable prizes.

Merchants, too, have an equal chance to win through the receipt of payments via MTN MoMo. Each week, five motorbikes are awarded, summing up to a total of 60 over the 12-week Pay with Momo campaign. 

The selection process for these coveted prizes is conducted through a lucky draw, ensuring fair distribution across various sectors and clusters.

MTN MoMo has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of Ugandan society, offering a swift, secure, and affordable means to transfer money and conduct mobile transactions. The 'Pay with MoMo' campaign further accentuates the service's advantages by rewarding users for their loyalty and encouraging more individuals and businesses to partake in the ease and safety of digital payments.

Albert Gitta reaffirmed the campaign's alignment with MTN MoMo's mission to provide accessible financial transactions, contributing to economic growth and the empowerment of individuals and businesses across Uganda.

The 'Pay with MoMo' campaign stands as a testament to MTN's commitment to enhancing the digital payment landscape, enriching the lives of customers and merchants alike. It's a celebration of community success, driving financial inclusion and economic empowerment across Uganda.
The initiative not only rewards loyalty but also serves as a gateway for communities and businesses to experience the convenience and security of digital payments, ultimately fostering growth and prosperity across the nation.

Key to Note: 

Capital One Lounge in Arua has strategically incorporated the MTN MoMo Pay service into their business operations, utilizing it as a primary mode for conducting transactions. This integration has significantly streamlined their payment processes, offering convenience and accessibility to their customers.

By embracing the MoMo Pay service, Capital One Lounge has fostered a seamless payment experience for their clients. Customers can make payments easily and securely using their mobile phones, avoiding the need for cash transactions. This not only simplifies the payment process but also enhances the efficiency of their service delivery.

The lounge's adoption of MoMo Pay aligns with the broader trend in Uganda, where businesses are increasingly leveraging mobile money solutions to facilitate transactions. This move reflects their commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements and catering to the preferences of their customer base.

By actively promoting the use of MoMo Pay for transactions, Capital One Lounge has contributed to the wider goal of encouraging digital payment adoption in the community. Their proactive stance in embracing this technology sets an example for other businesses, emphasizing the benefits of digital payment methods for both customers and the business itself.

The win of a brand-new motorcycle through the MTN MoMo promotion stands as a testament to their active participation and success in utilizing this payment platform. As the first winner from Arua, it showcases not only their enthusiasm for innovative payment solutions but also their customers' engagement in utilizing the MoMo Pay service.

Capital One Lounge's utilization of MoMo Pay for most of their transactions underscores their commitment to providing a modern and convenient payment experience. This adoption serves as a model for other businesses, showcasing the advantages of mobile money in enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

BY: Ceaser Khalid - Dailywestnile.info 
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