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03 Nov

The management of Nyio primary school - a government aided school in Ayivu division is grappling with the insufficient class rooms to accommodate over 1500 pupils in the school.

On Wednesday 02 of November 2022, the head teacher of the school, Aldah Candiru told our reporter that they are having an enrollment over 1500 pupils in the school with only 8 class rooms that has forced them to remove desks in some the classes to allow space for the children to sit down so they can squeeze themselves in order for all of them to attend teachings.


Beside the shortage of class rooms in the school, the institution also grapples with limited sanitation and hygiene stands as the whole learning institution has no latrine for the staff that makes them to share the same available latrine with the pupils.

The deputy mayor of Arua city, Mildred Milly Inzikuru appealed to the NGO partners in the area to come to their aids in building more classrooms and the latrines in the school since city authority as government they are also planning for many others school s in the city.


Some of unspecified numbers of the pupils comes from the neighboring country of Democratic Republic of Congo since the school lies in between the two border of Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

The deputy resident city commissioner of Arua city in charge of Ayivu division, Ismail Masaba  appealed to the parents to join hands in providing space for the children as the government is planning to rescue the situations in the near future.


In the last two decades, Uganda, like many sub-Saharan African countries has established   universal primary Education policies which have enhanced access and improved enrollment in the country. Uganda  introduced the universal primary Education in 1996 policy ,the free primary Education in 1997  and compulsory primary Education policy in 2008 following the introduction of these policies ,the net enrollment  rate of Uganda   primary Education improved from less than 60 percent in 1996 to almost 98 percent in 2012.

However, inspite of the remarkable 2022 improvement in the school enrollment, learning  the outcomes remains poor in  Uganda

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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