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11 Oct

In a spirited call to action, residents of Arua district have been urged to wholeheartedly embrace the government's development programs. The impassioned plea was made by Geoffrey Okiswa, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Arua, during his role as the chief guest at the 61st Independence Day celebration. Mr. Okiswa stressed the importance of actively participating in government initiatives, particularly the Parish Development Model, as a means to transform their communities into thriving economic hubs. He emphasized that these programs offered the residents a golden opportunity to elevate their livelihoods and bolster their local economies. 


However, the RDC also voiced his concerns about some individuals who had not utilized the programs to their full potential. He revealed that there were instances where the seed capital provided was used recklessly for non-productive activities, such as excessive drinking and taking on more spouses. Mr. Okiswa sternly cautioned against this behavior, encouraging residents to redirect their efforts towards making investments that would yield fruitful returns. 


Joining the call to action, the Chairman of Arua District's LC5, Alfred Okuonzi, urged the community to focus on productive endeavors and unity instead of engaging in rumor-mongering about the district's leadership. 

The LVC chairman (Alfred Okuonzi) and Area MP (Yovan Adriko) Inspecting the Parade during at Vurra  Sub-County Head Quarters

He emphasized the need for Arua to achieve independence and unity with diversity, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts. 


Further down the event, Joel Pariyo, Chairman of LC3 Vurra Sub County, urged a change in mindset among the local populace. He emphasized that residents should vote for leaders who genuinely prioritize their well-being, rather than politicians who may not always act in their best interests. In recognition of the valuable partnerships that have contributed to the development of Vurra Sub County, certificates of appreciation were awarded to the dedicated partners who have worked hand in hand with the community. 


Uganda, a nation with a rich history, attained its independence on the 9th of October in 1962. This year, the 61st Independence Day was celebrated under the theme "Sustaining a United and Progressive Nation, Taking Charge of Our Future as a Free Nation." This theme serves as a reminder to all Ugandans, including the residents of Arua, of their collective responsibility in shaping the nation's future. The call for embracing government programs is a vital step toward local economic empowerment and the realization of a united and progressive Uganda. With dedicated leadership and active community participation, Arua and other districts across the nation are poised for positive transformation and a brighter future.

By Alinda Moses Igwera Dailywestnile.info
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