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09 Nov

In a seamless handover ceremony held on Thursday, November 9th, 2023, the Arua City Clerk, Paul Batanda, officially passed the torch to his successor at the Arua City Council Hall. The outgoing city clerk, now transferred to Fort Portal city in Western Uganda, urged the new appointee, who had been serving in Mbale city in eastern Uganda, to build upon the existing foundations and address any weaknesses. 


During the handover ceremony, Yako Teddy, the Speaker for Arua City Council, commended the efforts of the outgoing city clerk, recognizing the solid foundations he laid during his tenure. She encouraged the incoming city clerk to take on the responsibilities with dedication and strive for excellence. 


The newly appointed Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Arua City, Charles Icokogor, emphasized the need to address rumors circulating within the city, citing it as a hindrance to effective service delivery. He expressed the commitment to correcting this issue for the betterment of the community. 

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David Kyasanku, the new City Clerk for Arua City, highlighted the importance of cooperation between the technical and political wings for efficient service delivery. He called for unity and collaboration to ensure the people of Arua City receive the best services. 


This marks the second significant staff change for Arua City in just two weeks, following the recent appointment of a new Resident City Commissioner. The city is poised for a fresh start with a team committed to addressing challenges and delivering effective services to its residents. The smooth transition and positive outlook of the new leadership signal a promising era for Arua City, as it strives for progress and improved community well-being. However the new City clerk takes over in a period when the city is hit with many arrests  including the arrest of the Physical Planner(Moses Findru), Deputy Town Clerk (Jobile Cornelius) and Chief Financial Officer (Adriko Sam) of the city. By Minister of State for Economic Monitoring, Beatrice Akello Akori, who promptly ordered the arrest of officials for further investigation, citing suspicions of bribery. The arrest was met with mixed reactions from the local community, and it appears to have exposed some underlying tensions within the city's administrative bodies.

BY: Matata Benzamin, Dailywestnile.info
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