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17 Oct

Boda-Boda ridders in Arua city under their Umbrella organization of Arua City Boda Boda Riders Association are planning to strike over their impounded Tipper Lorry by the office of major  general Taban Amin ,the deputy director of special operation in the  internal security organization. 

The Tippa truck registration number UBH 475V has spent months in the parking yard of Arua central police station. President Museveni delivered the tipper in February last year in fulfilment of a Presidential pledge he made in 2010.

According to the official information coming from the Boda Boda Association Office, they intend to go on strike within two weeks. 

Juvenile Wadria, one of the Boda-Boda ridders of Triangle stage in Ediofe, Ayivu West division revealed to dailywestnile.info that as Boda-boda ridder in the Arua city ,they are very angry over the manner  in which the tipper lorry was impounded and it has over stayed at the police custody with most of the spare  parts  of the vehicle getting loss that has provoked them to begin organizing for strike so that their truck will be release to them. 


The tipper lorry that was donated to the Boda Boda association of the area by president of Uganda, Museveni Yoweri Kaguta on February 2021 to improve on the lives of Boda-Boda was impounded by the office of deputy general of international security organization on allegation  of it’s being sold by the leaders of Arua city Boda Boda association and detained in Arua central police station Since December last year and others spare parts went missing. Ismail Kawati, a Speaker of Madiba Boda-Boda stage in Kenya ward says that they are mobilizing huge numbers of Boda Boda ridders  of the city to storm the office of deputy internal security organization Arua in demands for the truck. 


Stephen Adomati, a Boda-Boda ridder of Sportsman Yesebo in Arua central similarly reechoed on the same issue 

Arua City Boda Boda Riders During A Strike at The Peak Of The Lock Down 


 The deputy resident city commissioner of Arua, Twaib Asile says that as the office of the president they have received the complains by the Boda-Boda ridders in the area over the matter and they are investigating it. 


The spare parts of the tipper lorry that got lost was calculated to a total cost of UGX 9.2 million that the office of The deputy general of internal security organization has agreed to pay two months ago but up to now it is not yet paid to the Boda-Boda association of the area. 

The grounded lorry is the third presidential donation to the Boda Boda Association since 2010. Earlier on, the president’s office donated Shillings 50 million to the Boda Boda SACCO, which according to local leaders has been mismanaged. The association comprises more than 4000 registered members.

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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