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25 Oct

Arua Central City Division has received a total of 75 million Uganda shillings in total for Street light (installation, management and repair), Garbage management and Malaria control from the central government under the property rate tax fund. 

While speaking to dailywestnile.info, The central division Mayor Mr. Muzaid Khemis confirmed to the media the receipt of the funds under the central government reserve property rate tax funds as follows; 

50 Million Ugandan shillings for streetlight management, installation and repair, 20 million for garbage management and 5 million for anti malaria drainage management in the central city division of Arua City. 

According to the Central division city mayor Mr. Muzaid Khemis, he expressed that, the public should be aware of the this funding as part of public accountability based on the fact that the allocated 75 million remains the tax payers money as he speaks to the dailywestnile.info

He however expressed concern over the limited funding that has led to prioritizing of the terms of work under the said funds as the city executive has embarked on prioritization of ear marked streets.

Arua Central City Division Mayor - Muzaid Khemis Speaking


However, while speaking to the media, the deputy city clerk of Arua city, Mr. Ojobile Cornelius confirmed to the public the receipt of the funds from the central government reserves under the property rates tax funding which according to him has not been coming through to the city division. 

This development therefore puts Arua city residents at the verge of coming out of  the darkness as   Arua Central city council authorities are planning to start repairing and Installing solar lights along   the streets in the area. 

The deputy city clerk of Arua, Mr. Cornelius Ojobile further explained to dailywestnile.info as of Tuesday 25th/10/2022 in his office that plan is under way  for the city authority  to repair   and install solar lights  on the streets in the areas such as the Pajulu road that connects to the Ediofe cathedral and weather park lane road connecting to Oluko road.


Some of the streets that council is planning to fix solar lights and repair  the spoilt lights are; Weather head Park lane, Pajulu road up to Ediofe cathedral, Arua avenue road among others. The division mayor of Arua central division, Khemis Muzaid revealed that they have allocated UGX 50 for fixing of the street lights from the property tax and also  said that they shall be doing it in  phases. 

Certain streets like Pajulu road that connects from Arua prison to Nsambia, Avenue road that connects Arua hospital to Rhino camp, Idi Amin road and others that were connected with solar lights are not lighting properly because some of the panels are  faulty. The speaker of Arua central division, Mr. Rashul Osugga says that they have also received communication from the West Nile electrification company [WENERECO] to revamp the street light at Avenue road. 

Mr. Rasul Osuga - Central Division Council Speaker


In January 2019, the then  Arua municipal  council authority allocated sh190m under Uganda road project to install 34 solar lights along Emmanuel cathedral which has stalled.  

STORY BY: ANWANGKANI FRANCO - Dailywestnile.info
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