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15 Nov

Ariavu Primary School, nestled in the heart of Aliba Odravu, Ayivu East constituency, Arua City, is grappling with a severe shortage of teachers, amplifying concerns over the increasing pupils population. 

As per available statistics, the school is currently accommodating around 1000 pupils, a number that far surpasses the capacity of its teaching staff. Presently, the school has three professional teachers on the ground, and there is a glimmer of hope with four more expected in the upcoming transfer season. 

James Dricile, the dedicated head teacher of Ariavu Primary School, shed light on the school's infrastructure challenges. The two existing classroom blocks, comprising a total of five classrooms, and three staff quarter houses are deemed inadequate to meet the burgeoning demands of the student body. 


Dricile voiced the school's struggle to manage the escalating enrollment, emphasizing the limitations imposed by meager funding. With the community's financial resources stretched thin, he revealed that the school relies heavily on small contributions from parents as its sole funding source. 

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The gravity of the situation was further underscored during the recent council sitting for Arua City. Sam Ndaa, the chairperson for the social services committee, highlighted the urgent need for a more balanced teacher-pupil ratio and improved classroom facilities. Despite the pressing demand, only three teachers were allocated to the school in the latest recruitment drive by the Arua City Service Commission. 

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In response to the challenges faced by Ariavu Primary School, Member of Parliament for Ayivu East constituency, Geoffrey Feta, disclosed that the parliamentary committee of education has acknowledged the school as one slated for government coding. However, he urged patience, assuring the community that due process is being diligently followed. 

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Established in 2012, Ariavu Primary School stands as a community-driven institution, a testament to the community's commitment to education. As the school grapples with these critical challenges, there is a collective hope that the government and local authorities will expedite the necessary measures to address the staffing and facility shortages, ensuring a conducive learning environment for the pupils of Ariavu.

BY: Matata Benzamin, Dailywestnile.info
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