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Paidha Town Council LC 3 Pledges to Recover the Embezzled 30M EMYOOGA Funds

In a developing story, Paidha Town Council LC III Mr. Onega Innocent has promised to put to accounts the parties involved in misappropriation of the 30 Million Ugx Emyooga Funds meant for the Okoro Performing Artist EMYOOGA Sacco as well as use all the available legal ways to recover the diverted funds. 

This was revealed to dailywestnile.info today after a tip off from the proceedings of today’s 29th, August 2022 closed door meeting held in the LC III’s office with the leaders of the Okoro Perfuming Artist Emyooga Sacco Leaders – among whom included; the chairman of the group Mr. Dot Okiwi, Jay Jacks, Wayne B, LVI, Brian King and Easy Boy. 

Artist Union Leaders Pose For Pic with LC 3 after the Closed Door Meeting

When asked about the proceedings of the meeting, Mr. Dot Okiwi, the chairperson revealed to dailywestnile.info news desk about the proceedings of the meeting citing the will of the LC III Mr. Innocent’s support to help recover the money. He also stressed that the meeting resolved to have the current tipper lorry bought by this mafia group returned back to the artist union rightful persons as well as have the rest of money recovered by the parties involved. 

The parties also agreed to write a letter to be endorsed by the LC III to direct Centenary bank to have an injunction on any transaction in relation to the funds. Reports reaching us indicates that, the leadership team of the Artist’s Union together with the Town Council officials are yet to meet again before end of this week so as to see the progress of the recovery of the embezzled funds under Emyooga Meant for the Okoro Performing Artist’s Emyooga Sacco.

In a recap to this story, dailywestnile.info news desk had received a tip off from Zombo on how over 30 Million Emyooga Funds meant for Okoro Performing Artist Emyooga Sacco ended up in wrong hands with the help of the fund's focal persons of Zombo.

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