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Top 15 Monopoly BadCharacter Songs That Will Make You Attend The September 2nd Maiden Concert

With only hours to the much anticipated Monopoly Bad Characters Maiden Show, dailywestnile.info finally comes up with the Top 10 Monopoly Songs That Will Make You Attend The September 2nd Maiden Show to be held at Capital One Launch -Arua City. 

15. Ama Nga Cara - Monopoly  Ft Andu Da Frank 

At number 15 is the "Ama Nga Caraa" song - which by far is a prophetic song in which Monopoly prophesized the future for the stardom to be. As one of Monopoly's Early songs released in 2017 in which he features his musical label boss by then Andu Frank. 

"Ama Nga Caraa" is a Lugabra word meaning we shall reach there, a prophetic in which the Monopoly and Andu prophesized on how they will reach the table of big boys.

From the rich lyrics of the song, one can arguable put that Monopoly had anticipated his maiden concert right from his times of stay at Live Dreams entertainment were he started his Musical journey. 

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14. Ghetto Life

Number 14 on the Top 15 Monopoly Songs That Will Make You Attend The September 2nd Maiden Show is the Ghetto Life song

This musical tends to give an accounts to describes the true Early life of Monopoly in which he tells how he comes from Ghetto.

Monopoly would later get to study development study so as to develop his community through education. With political linked lyrics, the Ghetto Song puts this piece as one of the educative songs of Monopoly.

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13. Blessed - Monopoly Badcharacter

At the 13th place is the mid tempo Blessed song - a song dailywestnile.info would say was the break through song monopoly sounded as an exit point from the live dreams camp.

The Blessed song is one song that later made Monopoly to be his own boss as a sole artist and later would see tag words like *Come Follow me" tag world

As a loving and kind artist, monopoly used this musical peace to appreciate some of his key artists in the industry such as the then Endy Joe and Virus Duo, Raga Python as well appreciating is favorite producer - (Joshman Perfection) and the maiden manager Brave Tiat Saka.

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12. Damage - Monopoly Badcharacter

12th on the top 15 Monopoly Songs is the Damage Tune, a political, Social, economical dubbed song that would defiantly tell you a reflection of Monopolies education and his trend of music in which he sings the social problems of the community.

Through the damage song, Monopoly uses his poetic skills to attribute Uganda's situation to be considered a damage with some vocals putting how lecturers are damaged as well. Sang in Luganda mainly this is a must listened song.

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11. Awadifo - Monopoly Badcharacter

As one of the only gospel song of Monopoly, the Awadifo song is one song that without no doubt would make you follow, love and impress monopoly music as faith based person. 

The word "awadifo" in Lugbarati means Thank you - through the song, Monopoly appreciates God, his funs all those that follow him.

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10. Njiza - Monopoly Badcharacter 

At number 10 is the love tune Njiza - a song in which Monopoly sings on the most 21 words of a lover boy. Njiza is a Lugbara word meaning Heavy. 

As one of the most expensive projects Monopoly has ever had, Njiza video was shoot in Kampala with very clear 4k and quality video production and this has since then attracted a lots of views on Monopoly's YouTube handle.

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09. 2018 Wrap Up - Monopoly Badcharacter

At number 8 is the 2018 wrap up tune a sensational type of music that Monopoly creatively introduced to have a top 12 count down the trending issues and breaking stories.  This type of lyrical annually count down now accounts to one of Monopoly's annual expected activities. 

We at dailywestnile.info have a firm belief that if monopoly misses out to have the subsequent lyrical count downs of the coming years, then his musical career would go to a doom since the region now follows him on the wrap up.

Ever since 2018, Monopoly has been able to release 2019, 2020 and 2021 Wrap up but 2018 remains a hit of all the wrap ups.

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08. Apamabo - Monopoly Badcharacter

At the 7th place on the Top 15 Monopoly Songs That Will Make You Attend The September 2nd Maiden Show is the Apamabo Love Tune. Apamabo accounts to the second most watched Monopoly Bad Character Songs on YouTube handle with over 13,500 plus views,

"Apamabo" is a Lugbara word a slang meaning I am Safe because of your love.

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07. Ongo - Monopoly Badcharacter

At number 6 is the dancehall tune - Ongo, a dancehall tune with heavy production works meant to be a high tempo music. Its one song that actually is a true dancehall banger Monopoly has added to his musical album. 

Ongo is a Lugbara meaning Music - a song in which Monopoly comes to put lyrically how life in a club can be when your babe ups to leave at the mid hype of the peak hour. 

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06. Jiran - Monopoly Badcharacter

At number 5 if the Jirani song - a love tale best understood by those living in Boys quarter rooms or apartments were you have a tempting Jirani (Neighbor).

Jirani is a Lugbara word meaning neighbor - a song in which Monopoly sings about how having a tempting neighbor can be a life threatening feeling. 

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05. Body - Monopoly Badcharacter Ft Drecko

At number for on the count down is the Body song - a song that puts a taste of Monopoly's song to the taste of the Greater Northern Uganda corrido. To put it to this taste, Monopoly and Dr Drecko put up an Acholi and West Nile connect musical collabo.

The Body song received major plays on top Ugandan TV channels such as NBS, NTV, Urban among others and had lots of views on YouTube as well and would later see Monopoly hosted on NBS and NTV.

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04. Tap Tap - Monopoly Ft Black Harmony

As one of the best collabo's to Monopoly musical career,  Tap Tap song - a love ballade can only be described by the phrase that when two legends meet, the result is always a massive hit. The tap tap song brings into action the long time and legendary Black Harmony Duo to feature the trending Monopoly and 

The result was some this Tap Tap - that went viral.

03. Mari - Monopoly Badcharacter

As one of the most watched and listened Monopoly Song, The Mari song comes third on the count down. Mari is a song that sings and talks about debt collectors and a club banger.

The Mari song had a very wide play in most of the clubs in the region and based on the story lie of the video, the song has since then attracted over 20,000 Views on YouTube.

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02. Miyosi - Monopoly Badcharacter Ft Jackie Chandiru

Second on the count down is the controversial Miyosi Song that only can be describe as the song of 2022 that show lots of social media engagements. Miyosi is a love tune in which Monopoly features West Nile's and Uganda Top vocalist and singer Jackie Chandiru. 

It must be remembered that this song was due to a public demand as the top focused of the region wanted to see on how a long term outstanding legend could fuse with a trending persona of the region and as a result Miyosi was well received by the region and Ugandans.

Many Ugandans wanted to see a one time West Nile flavor they had seen in Jacky from West Nile in the collabo hence showing how the song was received with much support amidst criticism from some of the rising female local artists.

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01. Arua - Monopoly Badcharacter

At number one is the Arua song, a song that lacks words on how the nation received it from the West Nile region even when the video wasn't out. Arua song took long to be released and later would be sing along song by all categories based on how the lyrics portrayed Arua. 

By far the Arua song gave a definitive status of life and way of life in Arua - the regional city. The maiden concert however could be called even the Arua Song Concert. 

With much air plays both on radio and national TV's there is no way to say more, kindly drop in your comment to describe the count down.

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