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Sensational Artist Monopoly Bad Character Bags Over 35M From The Maiden Concert

Dailywestnile.info can now say West Nile Top artist, Arua Song hit Maker - Monopoly Bad Character is 35 Million Ugx rich upon the success of the 2nd September Monopoly Maiden Concert. 

According to the official statements from the Management of the big chest singer Monopoly, over Three Thousand revealers attended the show despite the bad weather.

3000 Plus Revelers

As one of the record concert the region has ever had, Monopoly maiden concert is by far the concert of the centaury. Not only in West Nile by also a record concert in Northern Uganda as well as some parts of the neighboring countries.

In terms of matrix we can justify the over 35M by the fact that show costed 10,000 Ugx and taking on to account 3,500 reveler turn up, the show was worth over 35 Million Ugx.

dailywestnile.info can also further confirmed that the tables had all sold out and Monopoly had also received kind donation from key business proprietors in the region as well as companies. With the cost of the event this we can still confirm that Monopoly as of today is sleeping with bank alerts far more that 30M Ugx. 

The tabloid also learnt with reliable sources that there was lots of home support as every person who attended the show paid the 10K even including the so called celebs, slay queens and key figures who in most cases evade gate fees.

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Recap to this, West Nile has never had a musical concert ever since our fore fathers landed in the region except for some things similar to a concert which had only been attended by chairs.

From our own research, its only and only Freeboy Adams who could do the same. We therefore hope to see more artists use the monopoly maiden concert as a tool to believe that similar approaches could work in the region. 

Snapshoot Into the Crowd

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